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Highlights From First Day Of BC Football Spring Practice


The Boston College football team opened the spring season with its first full practice under new head coach Steve Addazio. After practice, Addazio, wide receiver Alex Amidon, and linebacker Kevin Pierre-Louis talked about the first day.

Addazio on the first day:

“We’ve been working on organization and trying to get everybody on the same page. New staff, new program, new everything. I thought the kids today worked real hard. I thought they really had great attitude, great effort, you can tell they’re straining to do the right thing. We’ve got a long way to go, but if you have great effort and you’re willing to fight through it each day will get better. Like I said to them after practice, where we are now and where we’ll be at the end of the spring will be two different things.”

Pierre-Louis on the first day:

“It’s amazing to get back out here. It was definitely a little hectic. Everybody’s learning something new. It’s almost like we’re being retaught how to play football. It was a crazy practice, but the defense started to pick it up at the end and the offense brought a lot of energy. I’m excited for how the spring game is going to look once we get everything nice and settled.”

Addazio on how important the spring practices are to enforce his tone for the program

It’s everything. It’s critical. We’ve had a great winter session. I saw great growth in the winter session, and now you’re trying to apply it to football. I don’t know how you could ever function without this, especially if you’re a new staff coming in.
These [players] are smart and they’re attentive and it’s important to them. That much I have figured out really quickly.”

Addazio on quarterback Chase Rettig’s experience

“It’s great when you have a guy that has a great mindset and he does. I like his demeanor right now. He’s all about being a leader for the team and he’s all about getting better every day. I don’t see a lot of egos out here. I don’t see any of that and that’s really good. That’s important. A lot of quarterbacks are getting reps, but Chase I came out here on day one and threw the ball pretty well and he’s got amazingly a pretty good grasp of what we’re trying to get done – for day one. I was pleased with that and as a whole I like some of the leaders on the team. I’m encouraged with who we are from an attitude stand point.”

Addazio on the spring practice schedule

“We’re really on a really great, slow Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday practice schedule. The reason we did that is to maximize so that you can have a practice day and then you have a great film study instillation day. If you put too many practices in a row then you don’t have a chance to really go through the film with the players and really study study on this thing. So this schedule is really put together to take advantage of every second. This is a pace for learning.”

Addazio on whether or not he has a depth chart yet

“No, it’s all open. You go out there day ones and sometimes guys kind of find their way and where they are, but it really is open. As great as it is to be out here today and make some comments on what happened here today, this isn’t really football today. There’s no pads, there’s nothing. Saturday will be our first football practice, and usually traditionally it’s pretty sloppy, especially offensively.”

Pierre-Louis on new defensive coordinator Don Brown:

“A lot of energy. That guy brings a lot of energy. If you’re not bringing energy, he’s going to make you bring energy and that’s definitely something that we need from the defensive side of the ball.”

Addazio on his goals for spring practice

“I want to see the fundamentals at every position increase and get better. It’s really important in the spring that you’re fundamentals are better. Then I want to be able to evaluate who our personnel is and make sure that we’re doing the right things to maximize who we have, and it’s really hard for me until I get into spring ball – we have a series of what we’re trying to do, but right around that mid-spring ball point you say to yourself okay, we’ve made some good decisions and maybe we’ve got to make some different decisions. We’ve got to do the best we can to maximize who we are and I don’t know that really yet. I won’t have an idea of that until we get into this thing probably about five or six practices.”

Addazio on sixth-year defensive lineman Kaleb Ramsey

“He’s had a good winter and he’s explosive and if he stays healthy I think he can really help our football team. As many guys that we can have experience that have legitimate playing time in the ACC is a good thing.”

Addazio on his focus on playmakers

“We’ve got to be able to make some plays. We’ve got to be able to see what skill players can make plays. That’s yet to be determined. Those are some of the things that are on my mind right now. I say okay we’ve got to play great defense, we’ve got to be able to run in the football, and in all of those equation there, who are our playmakers? Who do we have to get the ball to? How are we going to do that?”

Amidon on his individual goals:

“50-50 balls maybe, and no drops. I’ve got to get rid of those drops. I had a couple of those last season. I just have to catch thousands of passes.”

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