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Spring Sports Preview 2013: Warming Up

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“Before getting to work, for five to 10 minutes, they clear their minds. The 26 members of the BC women’s lacrosse team and their coaches, including Walker, enter the locker room early before practice.
They sit together, and they meditate.”
“Pete Frates had seen this movie before.
 When his doctor told him on March 13, 2012 that he had amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), Frates remained unfazed. At his side, his parents were bowled over by the diagnosis. But for Frates, it just confirmed what he already knew.
The 27-year-old knew his life was about to change, in more ways than he could have expected. More than anybody, Frates was ready to take on the battle.”
“A steady clang of metal bats and the pounding of leather mitts during infield drills echo in the air as head coach Mike Gambino intensely watches the Boston College baseball team prepare for its first tournament of the year. From his vantage point along the sidelines, his Eagles appear quick, athletic, and poised to silence their critics.”
“Something we did a little differently this year is we all read a book together. They’ve had to do a different activity, assignment, team bonding type thing every Sunday before practice.
“It’s geared towards mental toughness, getting over your fears, and building confidence. It’s stuff where we have to sit back and look in the mirror and see what kind of players we want to be,” said Obrest, explaining her desire to motivate the team through reading Mind Gym.

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