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Highlights From ‘State Of The Heights’

Graham Beck / Heights Editor

Graham Beck / Heights Editor

Athletic director Brad Bates and head football coach Steve Addazio answered questions from students during UGBC’s “State of the Heights” tonight. The conversation mainly focused on football and men’s basketball. Here is a brief recap of the evening.

The Spring football game will be played on April 20th.

Addazio on recruiting:

“It’s my job as the head football coach to be the No. 1 recruiter on this football program, so I’m driving the staff every day. My goal next year on signing day is that we are going to have one of the top classes in the ACC.”

He also briefly discussed the type of players he wants to bring to BC:

“We have to find playmakers who are more exciting on offense and with that comes responsibility for recruiting those playmakers and on defense we have to be a little bit more of an attack style defense.”

There is a strategic plan being put in place within the next two months that involves an overall look at facilities, ticketing, programs, fan experience, and BC athletics as a whole. When Bates was asked about the possibility of adding a varsity men’s lacrosse team or building an indoor practice facility, he said that everything is being discussed in the strategic plan.

Bates plans on adding more parking, and his goal is that every season-ticket holder will be able to walk to Alumni Stadium from their parking spot.

On scheduling, Addazio says the goal is to play one national opponent like USC and Notre Dame, then create regional interest with the second opponent, and finally the third game “shouldn’t stretch your limits and should allow your team to develop.”

Bates was asked by a student why the football team is travelling to New Mexico State for an away game next season:

“Let me tell you about how that came about. Literally two weeks before I came here and got the job, the ACC went from nine conference games to eight conference games. So that was one of three options and the best option of all of them was New Mexico State. We got a home-and-home out of it, but your point is well taken. We would never ever do that under other circumstances. And let me add also, we are going to get back to seven home games.”

Bates on student seating for men’s basketball being rearranged to mimic Duke:

“If we give you those seats, we need you to show up, because we are going to do some things that are going to put you right on top of the court and we’re getting details of that next year. We need to make basketball as intimidating of an environment as it can be.”

Addazio on play-calling next season:

“I will not call the plays on offense, because I just don’t believe a head coach can do that and manage the football game. I think the head coach needs to manage the game, but I will be very, very involved. Very involved in game-planning on offense. Very involved in what’s going on during the course of the game on offense. On defense, I’ll sit in on a lot of those defensive meetings. Philosophically [defensive coordinator Don Brown] and I are really aligned.”

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