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Freshman Walk-On Drew Jacobs Gives Inside Look Into BC Hoops


Editor’s Note: Drew Jacobs is a freshman walk-on from New Jersey playing guard for the Boston College men’s basketball team. He will be blogging periodically for The Heights during conference play. In his first entry, Jacobs looks back at a turning point in the season as the Eagles get ready for No. 23 NC State on Saturday.

Over the last few weeks, I think that our team has really begun to come together as a unit and realize what it takes to achieve our goals to be competitive in the ACC. Throughout the preseason and the first couple games in the season, our team worked so hard to get in great shape and perfect our offense and defense for the tough schedule ahead. However, we hit a rough patch and took longer than expected to develop, and realize the importance of what our coaches were teaching with regards to offensive and defensive philosophies. On December 4, our squad suffered a loss to one of our local opponents, Harvard, in a game that we really wanted to win.

The day after the game, our team was searching for answers. We were 3-5 and nowhere near where we wanted and needed to be as a team. Coach Donahue and his staff pulled us aside before practice. They could’ve easily yelled at us and radiated negative energy towards us. However, the coaches told us that we had come such a long way as a team and encouraged us to keep our heads up. We were right there, but we needed to make some key changes in order to have success. It was a pivotal point in our year, but the coaches made sure we recognized that becoming a winning team and successful program was not completely out of grasp despite a tough start to the season. He told us to keep the faith in each other and told us that we would be doing some things differently from then on.

Coach Donahue told us that we needed to preach competitiveness and hard work each and every day. We could no longer afford to play selfishly and not hustle for every ball. Since that point, our practices have become intense and extremely focused on winning each possession and drill. Our team really embraced this new mindset and I think that there couldn’t have been a bigger wake-up call to the squad. Nobody on the team complains about the ratcheted up intensity. Every single guy in the locker room is excited to go out and improve as an individual and a team daily. To top it off, our team has seen some encouraging early returns on our hard work and perseverance. We have won our last five non-conference games and all continue to improve each day in practice.

The team knows that being complacent with the success of the past couple games will not lead us to be successful in the future. Our schedule upcoming is tough, as every team in the ACC is extremely dangerous, but our team is more focused on the aspects that we can control as a team. We will continue to go our hardest each day in practice, share the ball on offense and help one another on defense. The coaches always tell us that it’s the little things each and every day, coupled with having a mindset of winning in everything we do, that will lead to building a successful program. The thing I love about our team is that everyone has a vision for the future, and we won’t be happy until our goals are reached.

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